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The Wild Hub

Maasai Mara

The Wild Hub is set on 50 acres, part of the old Mara Beef Farm, on the Mara River, on the edge of the Enonkishu Conservancy in the Maasai Mara.


The Wild Hub offers accommodation, has our beautiful organic Wild Shamba and is home to the Mara Training Centre.​



All of our accommodation options support the Enonkishu, Lemek and Ol Choro Conservancies.  All guests staying at any of our properties pay a conservation fee per night and this goes towards the Maasai community who work with us on protecting the wildlife and their habitats and upon who’s land our guests are able to game drive. 


This is the perfect accommodation for families or group bookings looking to stay in a private lodge in rural Kenya and a great base from which they can explore the Mara. The accommodation is in either twin or double ensuite Bandas or Tents positioned along a meander of the Mara River.


The Wild Bandas

We only offer exclusive use of this property to groups of 6-12 pax.  There are 6 ensuite twin / double bandas overlooking the Mara River and it can be taken on a self catered or full board.  There is a beautiful swimming pool with a gazebo and pool house / bar which is a great venue for a party.  There is also a more formal dining area that can also be used as a meeting space or a venue for celebrating a special occasion.  There are huge lawns that stretch down to the Mara River and there is also a very unique natural amphitheater set into the banks of The Mara River, which is the perfect spot for holding a special gathering, including weddings.


Twins rooms with canvas fronts leading onto verandahs, sharing a shower / loo block. Perfect for groups of 8 pax or more.


The Eco Camp

This consists of 8 rooms (4 twin, 2 triple, 2 singles) and 2 en-suite trainers rooms.  It can sleep up to 20 pax sharing.There is a shared shower block and loo block.Guest at the Eco Camp use the kitchen at the Mara Training Centre for meals. Our main clients here are international groups who come for long stays to learn about conservation within Enonkishu.  In between them we are open for residents taking it on exclusively.



The Tree Nursery

Visit our indigenous tree nursery.

Get your hands dirty. Plant a tree. Meet new people. Make a difference.

The Wild Shamba


Our garden - cut seeds in the greenhouse, prune indigenous plants in the nursery or pick your lunch from the organic garden.

The Cowshed


A great venue for a party or place to chill out.  Sit by the fire and catch up on life back home or read a book on the verandah.

Meeting Room


We have 2 classrooms, with WIFI and  whiteboards, desks and projectors. This is a perfect space to have a lecture on conservation from one of our team, catch up on emails or send the children to do a bit of holiday revision.

Daily Housekeeping


All laundry is done by hand daily, rooms are cleaned and checked twice a day and you will feel well looked after!


Our dining area near The Wild Shamba, where fresh vegetables are picked from the garden and pickles and chutneys are made in the kitchen.






Game drive into the Enonkishu Conservancy and look out for the big cats at sunrise, the elephants in the forest or the elusive leopards at sundowners.

Cultural Sites


Visit the local manyatta, learn about the Maasai traditions of making fire and building their mud huts. Take part in some Maasai jumping, singing and dancing and buy some handmade trinkets from their market.

Market Tour 


Visit the local livestock market and experience the hustle.  Have a slice of real life in rural Africa. 

Leisure Activities


Relax by the river, go for a walk along around the 50 acre property, play volley ball, table tennis or darts with your friends, or relax and soak up the environment.

Bird Walk


Take a guided walk around the 50 acres identifying some of the 350 bird species in the area.

Futures in the Wild


Take part in our progressive tourism tour visiting the local school, planting a tree, getting involved in some of our community conservation work.


LOCATION:  The Enonkishu Conservancy, Maasai Mara, Kenya, situated just below the equator and just under 6000 feet above sea level. Ideal for residents, families and groups of friends. A private setting where they can explore the Mara and the freedom to plan their own adventure.


CUISINE: The Wild Hub prides itself on its exceptional farm-to-table menus, based around locally sourced ingredients from the onsite farm, a small organic agriculture operation. Expect fresh fruit, cereal and traditional English breakfasts; tempting homemade light lunches, and three-course dinners in the dining room or under the stars. The combination of the freshest fruit and vegetables with holistically raised, grass fed meat result in delicious and healthy home style cuisine. All food preferences and allergies are catered for - please inform us about any dietary requirements prior to arrival. 


SETTING THE SCENE: Enonkishu Conservancy, part of a successful and innovative rewilding project, on which The Wild Hub sits, is the epitome of Africa. This is the perfect place for anyone who appreciates safari, a short drive to a special sundowner on the edge of the Kileloni Hill, where the views stretch as far as the eye can see across the Mara Serengeti Ecosystem. 


THE WILDLIFE EXPERIENCE: Enonkishu Conservancy is host to over 50 species of mammals including some of the world’s rarest animals, including white rhino (at the Rhino Sanctuary on the edge of the Kileloni Hill), wild dog, leopard, cheetah and lion. For keen ornithologists, Enonkishu is home to over 350 species of birds, including a variety of eagles, vultures and the stunningly bright superb starling. Enonkishu also is host to a working cattle ranch.


ACTIVITIES: Aside from game drives, optional extras include a visit to the local manyattas, a visit to the Rhino Sanctuary, bush breakfasts, exploring a local livestock market, a trip to the local school. 


LOCAL CULTURE: Our community and neighbours are mostly the famous Masai tribe, and our fabulous Maasai guides know the area intimately and have incredible knowledge of the wildlife and birdlife in the area.


TRAVEL: Bandas in the Wild is easy to reach by road (approximately a four hour drive) or by air, with Ngerende airstrip located 25 minutes drive.


CHILDREN: Children under 3 years of age are free of charge, children’s rates apply from 3-12 years old. For those who need to be in bed before their parents, a staff member is always on hand to help. 



We are often asked if there are any opportunities to volunteer so we have created the Wild Impact Adventures program, for guests to come out and get involved in and support the community development and conservation projects going on.


Step away from normal life,  explore  the Maasai Mara, help to conserve wildlife, learn about 
new cultures...

These adventures are aimed at individuals looking to spend up to two weeks or more helping out alongside safari.


Wild Impact Adventures



Come and see the Masai Mara for yourself!  We are based next to this world famous game reserve and there will be opportunities to go on safari with Masai guides to find the ‘Big 5’ and to help our teams in the vital work of wildlife monitoring.



Your accommodation will be at The Wild Hub with comfortable twin rooms with ensuite bathrooms. There will also be the opportunity to sleep wild in the bush for those staying for a longer time as well as to visit other destinations and inspiring projects to discover.



Throughout all the activities available on a Wild Impact adventure there are learning opportunities.  You’ll learn about your surroundings, the country of Kenya, the Masai people, conservation, health care, education systems, holistic management and much much more!



Learn about the efforts of community led conservation initiatives and how livestock, if managed, can work well alongside wildlife in regenerative grazing programs.



Spend time in our local school and learn about some of the barriers faced in accessing quality education.  Longer stays will involve spending time helping in a range of activities with the children.


Group Travel

Group Travel

The Wild Hub is a perfect venue for companies to bring their teams for a weekend of bonding and team building, helping them to refresh, reconnect with nature and each other.

With accommodation, dining, conference and meeting facilities, alongside safari this is the perfect venue to re - inspire your team.

Do some meaningful and impactful CSR work and help with some of our community development projects and give back, plant trees at the local school, help to conserve wildlife and get your team aligned on your company's economic, social and environmental impact.

For groups coming to Kenya to do  humanitarian work, The Wild Hub is the perfect spot to reflect on the work done, alongside a safari at the end of your trip.

Futures in the Wild

Through eco tourism, enterprise development and education, we aim to conserve the unique ecosystem that surrounds The Wild Hub (and beyond) and develop sustainable livelihoods.


The Big Picture goals...

  • To conserve and protect the natural environment of the Maasai Mara, in particular the Enonkishu, Lemek and Ol Chorro conservation areas.
  • To provide support and education on conservation, sustainable rangeland management to the local communities, improving livelihoods and enabling increased employment opportunities and job creation.

  • To improve the access to quality education.

  • To improve quality of clean water and healthcare services for the local communities.

  • To develop a Women’s empowerment program.

  • To develop sustainable and innovative solutions to tackle the issues of habitat loss and human – wildlife conflict.

For more information please visit Futures in the Wild

Futures in the Wild

The local indigenous forests on the edges of the Mara rangelands and the wildlife habitats therein  include significant tracts of critically endangered forest, that are under threat. We work to conserve these habitats and are partnering with the International Tree Foundation to create a reforestation program.



Herds for Growth focuses on quality over quantity and improved livestock production so the community are able to earn revenue through a collective herd, that lives in a wildlife / livestock integrated system.



Poverty remains the most important factor for determining whether a girl can access an education. We work on encouraging girls education and providing mentorship and internship opportunities for driven and ambitious women in the Emarti community.



Preventing biodiversity loss and employing  rangers for the protection of the area under conservation.

Creating space for people, livestock and wildlife through planned grazing, predator proof bomas and community trainings.



We work on the provision of basic health care resources to the Emarti clinic and linking partnerships for nurse training and first aid support, in particular, support in the reproductive health department.


School development - improving the school facilities, upgrading classrooms, providing desks, improving learning facilities in the under resourced schools in the region. We also work on providing school lunches and educating the schools on our wildlife conservation projects.

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