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The Full Story


Tarquin and Lippa Wood started the Enonkishu Conservancy in 2009 and began ecotourism enterprises in the region in 2013, having previously been involved in intensive agriculture.  The conservation in this region is a story of hope, an exciting rewilding project where areas that previously had very little wildlife, are now teaming with game and biodiversity is flourishing.


The Woods believe that conservation lives hand in hand with ecotourism and community development. Every guest visiting us is helping us in conserving this fragile edge of the Mara Serengeti Ecosystem.  All guests that stay with us contribute to the Enonkishu Conservancy and have the opportunity to not only enjoy a fantastic safari seeing the incredible wildlife that lives in this area, but also to get involved in conservation and community development projects.


The Wild Hub is tucked away on a meander of the Mara River, on what was once an intensive livestock enterprise, in the Enonkishu Conservancy, on the edge of the Fair Oils Mara farm.  The Mara Training Centre, part of the Wild Hub, was created in 2016 aiming to work with the surrounding community on creating a sustainable rangeland management program and raising revenue for the surrounding landowners through conservation fees.

Due to increased demand, the farm has been converted into charming accommodation options and the facility has been opened up to offer the perfect base from which to explore the Maasai Mara for groups, single travellers, couples or families.  We have a range of accommodation to suit different needs.

Most of our food comes from our garden and farm.  "The Cow Shed" is a spacious dining area with a bar and large verandah, with a lawn that stretches down to the banks of the Mara River.  It is a great venue for a party! "Graze" overlooks "The Wild Shamba", our vegetable garden, where fresh vegetables are picked and prepared in our kitchen.

The Wild Shamba employs local women who manage the planting programs and collect seeds for our Indigenous Tree Nursery, Trees in the Wild.

There is also a large classroom / meeting room that can be used to hold seminars on conservation, group meetings or even a perfect spot to answer a few emails while away or for children to go and get on with some holiday homework or revision if need be.



 Our mission is to create and maintain a balance between conservation, community development, and ecotourism. 



Focussing on biodiversity conservation, eco tourism, meaningful community partnerships and a commitment to sustainability, we aim to restore and protect marginal areas on the edge of the Mara Ecosystem.

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